Xsyon Introduces Farming And Cooking


Xsyon players will be happy to know that no longer will they need to eat their fish raw. Notorious Games has announced the release of two of Xsyon’s most anticipated features: Cooking and farming. With farming, players will be able to plant their own farms and grow crops, crops that will need to be tended to in order to avoid pests, dehydration, and weeds. The produce from farming, as well as other areas of the game, can be used towards the newly released cooking skill. With cooking, players are able to combine ingredients of various properties to create dishes that provide buffs.

As part of the cooking skill, players will need to take care of where they let their food sit. Dishes and ingredients that are not properly stored will rot, and must be stored in special baskets or in tribe commissaries. You can read more about the update on the official patch notes.

(Source: Notorious Games Press Release)

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