3000AD Announces Line of Defense Digital Comics


Line of Defense is the upcoming MMOFPS by 3000AD, and while the game is still a long way from release, you can already get your hands on the first copy of the companion comic book. In a recent press release, DC Comics has confirmed that it will publish a twelve chapter series based on the world of Line of Defense, with the first three chapters releasing over the course of this month, and the rest coming scattered over the rest of the year and into July 2014. The series will be digital only, available on Comixology and DC Comics apps.

The full release schedule:

October 8 – “Payback” Chapter 1
October 15 – “Payback” Chapter 2
October 22 – “Payback” Chapter 3
January ‘14 – Chapters 4 to 6
April ‘14 – Chapters 7 to 9
July ‘14 – Chapters 10 to 12

Line of Defense is still on schedule for release before the coming apocalypse.

(Source: DC Comics Press Release)

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