3000AD Reconsidering Free To Play After Weekend


Line of Defense, MMO Shooter currently in an early state of development, recently ran a free play weekend that has developer 3000AD rethinking whether or not free weekends will be on the menu for the future. Derek Smart slammed the negative reviews as “disingenuous” and criticized gamers for not reading the documentation provided, not understanding early access, and blaming the game for their low-end computers.

This will probably be our first and our last free play weekend because clearly “free” sometimes tends to attract the wrong demographic.We did this in order to test an aspect of the game that couldn’t have other wise been tested due to the fact that the paid EA tiers have no access to the F2P Starter Kit. So now that we know it works and that SteamWorks entitlement, auth etc are solid; Q.E.D.

You can read the entire announcement at the link below.

(Source: Line of Defense)

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