[Not Massive] Gaijin Throws Taiwan Under Bus For Chinese Gov’t

A game developer doing something scummy to appease an oppressive dictatorship? Must be a day ending in WHY. In the world of developers doing stupid things, if you push past the western AAA industry of Electronic Arts and Valve and make your way toward the back of the room, you might spot Gaijin Entertainment. Back … Continue reading “[Not Massive] Gaijin Throws Taiwan Under Bus For Chinese Gov’t”

Gaijin Doesn’t Know PR: Calls Users “Puny Beggars” On Stream

Gaijin Entertainment hasn’t had the greatest history with public relations, going back to a 2014 scandal in which a staffer attempted to extort a Youtuber. This week, however, Content Partner Manager over at Gaijin managed to rustle some feathers during a stream in which he referred to players as “puny beggars.” The exact details are … Continue reading “Gaijin Doesn’t Know PR: Calls Users “Puny Beggars” On Stream”

Gaijin Embroiled In Extortion Scandal, Producer Fired

Gaijin Entertainment, developer of the WW2 MMO War Thunder, is under intense scrutiny this week after allegations that the company’s producer engaged in extortion tactics against a popular Russian Youtuber, attempting to force him into a legally binding contract carrying heavy fines for criticizing the company. The news of Gaijin’s extortion scheme hit several War … Continue reading “Gaijin Embroiled In Extortion Scandal, Producer Fired”