Red5 Studios Gives 24 Hours Notice: Firefall To Shut Down

Red 5 Studios today unveiled the announcement that should surprise few: Firefall is finally closing down its servers. Firefall has been in limbo for a long time between the staff being laid off, server outages, and a total lack of development, at some point the game completely stopped functioning past a certain point with graphics … Continue reading “Red5 Studios Gives 24 Hours Notice: Firefall To Shut Down”

Firefall Shut Down For 2 Weeks In December, Nobody Noticed

In my predictions for 2017, I said that Firefall would shut down and nobody would be surprised or really notice. What I didn’t realize was that Firefall had already shut down, for two weeks, back in December. And nobody outside of the community noticed. According to posts on the community forums, the servers first went … Continue reading “Firefall Shut Down For 2 Weeks In December, Nobody Noticed”

Firefall Disappears From Steam After Downtime

Firefall is still missing from Steam following a period of downtime, although the game is still running and people are still playing. While Red5 Studios has yet to make a statement on why the game was removed, only to state that it is expected to come back in the next couple of days, speculation is … Continue reading “Firefall Disappears From Steam After Downtime”

Firefall Going Under For 26 Hour Maintenance

Trove isn’t the only game to take an extended vacation this week. Firefall will be launching update 1.6 on January 20th, but in order to do so will be taking down the servers for more than a day to perform maintenance. The servers will go down in the morning on Tuesday and come back online … Continue reading “Firefall Going Under For 26 Hour Maintenance”

Red 5 Studios “Optimizing” Development Resources For Firefall

Firefall is completely fine, in case November’s significant layoffs and December’s inability to fulfill payroll didn’t make it clear enough. But you can’t expect a company to flat out admit that times are tough, at least if the public relations department wants to keep their jobs. So instead, Red 5 sent out a memo to the … Continue reading “Red 5 Studios “Optimizing” Development Resources For Firefall”

Firefall Officially Launching July 29th

It’s been a long development road for Red 5 Studios and Firefall, one that is happily coming to its next milestone. Red 5 Studios has announced that Firefall will be officially launched as of July 29th, emerging from beta and ready to take its place in the world. To coincide with release, the team is … Continue reading “Firefall Officially Launching July 29th”

Firefall Shuts Down PvP In Preparation For Launch

Firefall may have started with PvP, but as development has continued the focus has shifted away from PvP in favor of PvE, to the neglect of the former. While Jetball was a fun idea, it attracted less than 3% of the game’s population. In response to the waning quality of PvP life, Red 5 Studios … Continue reading “Firefall Shuts Down PvP In Preparation For Launch”

Firefall Is Sick of Trolls, Will Be Kicking Them Out

I’ve talked about the fine line between trolling and constructive criticism, one that generally doesn’t seem to be understood by trolls. And while MMO developers aren’t fans of trolling, they are also generally reluctant to expel their (often paying) customers for throwing up a fuss either in the game or on the forums. Firefall developer Red … Continue reading “Firefall Is Sick of Trolls, Will Be Kicking Them Out”

2017’s Predictions Revisited: How Did We Do?

It’s that time of year, folks, where MMO Fallout looks back on our predictions for this year in order to hand ammunition to the very people who regularly remind me that I have no idea what I’m talking about. This year I did pretty well, out of 30 mostly serious predictions I would say that … Continue reading “2017’s Predictions Revisited: How Did We Do?”