Heroes & Generals Retires One Day Membership

Reto Moto has announced the death of one day memberships in Heroes & Generals, to be replaced with three day memberships that can be bought at the cost of two days. “1-Day Veteran Membership is now a thing of the past, give a warm welcome to the 3-day Veteran Membership! You get 3 days of … Continue reading “Heroes & Generals Retires One Day Membership”

Heroes & Generals Will Still Ban You If Your Cat Cheats

Heroes & Generals developer Reto-Moto has zero tolerance for cheaters, even if your cat is the one (allegedly) installing the nefarious programs. While cheaters are regularly banned in waves, the folks at Reto-Moto want anyone thinking of giving themselves an advantage to “try it out” should know that there is a zero tolerance policy in … Continue reading “Heroes & Generals Will Still Ban You If Your Cat Cheats”

Heroes & Generals Rewards Team Play In Hallowes Update

Heroes & Generals is bringing in team rewards and phasing out its browser version. In an update dubbed Hallowes – XP for Friends, players will now find that acting as a team has its own rewards. The game now rewards experience for kill assists, protecting the team’s tank, and when other players use your vehicle’s … Continue reading “Heroes & Generals Rewards Team Play In Hallowes Update”

Heroes & Generals Boasts 8 Million Players

Heroes & Generals developer Reto-Moto is celebrating eight million registered players today as the flagship WW2 MMO celebrates its second anniversary. Initially launched in 2014, Heroes & Generals has been updated countless times in its tenure of early access. “Two years ago we were one of the first 10 games to be greenlit by the … Continue reading “Heroes & Generals Boasts 8 Million Players”

Heroes & Generals Update 4.5 Adds New Guns

Heroes & Generals deploys update 4.5 this week, introducing multiple new guns and skins. The US faction receives the US M1941 machine gun while the Germans have the P38 Parabellum pistol. The machine gun unlocks at level 12 infantry and the pistol unlocks at level 12 handgun. The German faction now has the P38 Parabellum, which … Continue reading “Heroes & Generals Update 4.5 Adds New Guns”