Roblox Claims Tommy Tallarico Does Not Own “Oof” Sound

If you haven’t been paying attention to his Twitter account over the past while, Tommy Tallarico of the Amico Tallarico clan has been in a back and forth kerfuffle with Roblox over allegations that Tommy owns the rights to the “oof” sound effect that has become iconic to Roblox over the past decade or so, … Continue reading “Roblox Claims Tommy Tallarico Does Not Own “Oof” Sound”

Return to ROBLOX: A Highlight in Creativity

I’ve been meaning to dive back into ROBLOX and see what the community is up to these days. Luckily for me, I had some free time in the couple of days leading up to my septum surgery to look about and come up with a few more creative highlights to show you all.┬áThe creation pictured … Continue reading “Return to ROBLOX: A Highlight in Creativity”

Meet Roblox’s New CFO And CMO

Roblox has announced the hiring of two new top executives, Rick Silvestrini and Andrew Chmyz, to the positions of chief marketing officer and chief financial officer respectively. The two sat down for an interview with Games Industry to discuss their plans for the future of Roblox, including increasing staff count by over 30%. You can … Continue reading “Meet Roblox’s New CFO And CMO”

MMOrning Shots: Trainride To ROBLOX

Today’s MMOrning Shot comes to us from ROBLOX, showcasing the creation of user Geico480. Alpine Valley, while still in heavy development, features a graphically impressive and functional train system. You would be excused for not believing that this screenshot is from ROBLOX. Pull into MMOrning Shots station every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For now, check … Continue reading “MMOrning Shots: Trainride To ROBLOX”

Roblox Kicks Off Winter Games Competition

Grab your virtual snowboard and tobaggen and suit up for cold weather, because the ROBLOX Winter Games has officially begun. Beginning today and heading through February 10th, ROBLOX players will be able to compete in five different events, including snowboarding, snowball fights, racing, and even a tank battle. Each event has a leaderboard, badges, and … Continue reading “Roblox Kicks Off Winter Games Competition”