Alganon: Mostly Negative Reviews And QOL Backlash


Alganon on Steam currently holds a “mostly negative” rating, with 31% of 108 reviews painting the game in a positive light. Many of the negative reviews appear to focus around the game’s one-time purchase to remove certain account limitations, along with players who had been banned from the forums writing a review about the company’s banning policies.

Quest Online’s Derek Smart posted a warning that Valve is already on the case to curb toxic behavior including forum trolling and review bombing.

Valve is aware that they have a serious problem with this, and have started taking steps to curb this behavior (and the “review bombing”). Once serious actions (I’m all for Steam account bans. It’s the only way to be sure) start being taken here on Steam, hopefully that will send a clear message that we simply cannot allow a select group of anti-social people to ruin our gaming communities. Especially this, being one of the largest eclectic gaming communities.

(Source: Steam)

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