APB Reloaded Names and Shames Cheaters


I’ve always taken the stance of wondering how you shame someone who is shameless, but that’s just me. In a new blog post by Reloaded Productions, the number of cheaters in All Points Bulletin has stayed relatively consistent, around 1% of the total game’s population. Thanks to the FairFight anti-cheat engine employed in the game, over two hundred of these players have been banned but not before spending a copious amount of real money on in-game swag. Even more surprising, cheaters are excellent customers. 60% of the cheaters were paid characters, and boy did they pay well.

Another startling fact; paid players who were banned had on average 260 hours of play time in the game, had played for over 1 year, and had on average spent $180 on virtual goods.

The team at Reloaded Productions is tossing around the idea of a purgatory area where cheaters are thrown in where they can continue playing and, preferably, spending more money.

The idea is that cheaters don’t get banned right away (which of course doesn’t happen since the system runs on various delays), and instead freshly detected cheaters get kicked into special cheaters-only districts, where they can continue playing against other cheaters without initially realizing they have been tagged (or whole groups get thrown in there as long as they have a cheater on their team).

As long as the cheaters keep paying real money, they can spend as much time in purgatory as they want.

(Source: APB List)

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One Response to “APB Reloaded Names and Shames Cheaters”

  1. welshtroll says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.

    The fact that cheaters are still paying money begs the question , do MMO companies turn a blind eye or delay banning them to increase revenue in the game.

    OK it’s only 1% but then in the current free to play environment, if they are the “whales”, could a move like that damage a game profitability.

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