ArcheAge 4.0: All The News That’s Fit To Print

ArcheAge 4.0 hits PC in the fourth quarter this year, and Trion Worlds has released a fact list showcasing some of the features coming to the titular MMO. More information will be coming at a later date, however Trion Worlds has showcased the following new features coming with the next big version update:

  • 20 player naval battleground: ArcheAge’s first PvP naval battleground. Take your crew of five and go up against three other crews. Naval Battlegrounds promise new cross-server arenas as well as new rewards.
  • Open world raid finder: Exactly as it sounds, find or advertise your raid.
  • Simplified gem system: Streamlined lunagem system purported to be more user friendly.
  • Crafting updates: A new crafting tutorial quest line, new crafting interface, and specialization.

(Source: Trion Worlds press release)

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