ArcheAge Disables ArchePass After It Collapses Economy

New version, same old tricks. Gamigo has announced that the ArchePass, ArcheAge Unchained’s version of the battle pass, has been disabled following massive backlash from the community regarding the pass’s impact on the in-game economy. Player frustration grew to a boiling point over claims that the pass introduced an overwhelming amount of gold to the economy with nothing in place to remove the gold.

The announcement was made on Gamigo’s Discord server.

“The ArchePass has been temporarily disabled on all North American and European ArcheAge: Unchained servers. All existing progress has been saved and the Diligence Coin store is still accessible. We are evaluating the range of issues that have been presented from gold reward values, to quests distributed repeatedly, the level of effort required to progress, and overall enjoyability of participating in the related progression.”

There has been no comment on when the pass may come back, however all player progress has been saved.

Source: Discord

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