ArcheAge Plans More Server Mergers

Trion Worlds has announced that more server mergers are coming to ArcheAge, with twelve servers being merged into four across North America and Europe. As is usual with ArcheAge server mergers, rather than merging into an existing server, ArcheAge merges two or more existing servers into fresh new servers. Instead of players on the merging server losing their land to the higher population server, everyone loses their land and must claim anew.

A Server Evolution is similar to a server merge that you’d see in other online games, except those affected by it will be moved to a new server rather than a currently existing server. We perform Server Evolutions in ArcheAge to give everyone involved the most equal chance at claiming land and castles in their new homes.

The list of affected servers can be found at the source below. The transfer process will begin on August 16th and go until the 29th. More information at the link below.

(Source: ArcheAge)

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