Atlas Reactor: 11 Tips To Do Well


Atlas Reactor is the latest game from Trion Worlds, a turn-based competitive MOBA with heavy focus on twitch-based gameplay. With the free weekend starting, Trion Worlds has passed along a list of eleven tips to help players outsmart and outgun the competition.

After reading the list below, feel free to check out Atlas Reactor at no cost until June 5th.

1.  Dashes are incredibly useful. Use them to dodge Dash phase and Blast phase attacks, or even save allies by dashing into the path of a shot meant for them!
2. Sometimes the best move is standing still. Traps laid down during the Prep phase can punish players that Dash or Move.
3. Knockbacks and Pulls are very powerful when used in conjunction with Traps. These displacement effects always happen at the end of the Blast phase.
4. Being next to a wall will reduce damage taken from that direction by 50%, unless the attacker is also adjacent to you.
5. You can “chase” a player by right-clicking on an opponent (or Ally!). When you chase an opponent you will try to move where they move to. Chasers will move at the end of the Move phase.
6. If you think an enemy is going to chase you, make sure to run through some ally traps; you won’t take damage, but your enemy will!
7. Free Action abilities do not count towards the usual limit of 1 ability per turn; if you don’t use an ability, you can sprint (double movement), which can help get you back to the fight or out of a bad situation.
8. When choosing where to move, you can right-click more than once to set waypoints, which are great for moving around traps or through powerups on the way to your destination.
9. There are light indicators at the base of powerups that will tell you when they will spawn. Landing on one when all 3 light indicators are lit up means you will automatically get that powerup next round.
10. You can see powerups even in the fog of war. If you see one disappear you know an enemy is around that area.
11. During Decision Mode, mousing over an enemy will display the cooldowns of his abilities, letting you know if s/he can dash or not. Mousing over allies shows the abilities they are targeting this turn. Holding Alt will display all of this information at once. If you Alt + Click, you will ping the map.

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One Response to “Atlas Reactor: 11 Tips To Do Well”

  1. Nox says:

    thank you, very good tips. number 11 and number 5 are going to change my gameplay.

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