Bad Bundestag: Germany Not Limiting Loot Boxes

Those sexy, sexy loot boxes.

Today’s Bad Press article discusses a mistake that is wholly not the fault of the press, except everyone who publishes an article without the correction after this point in time. If you read Eurogamer or German news outlet Der Spiegel, you may have come across a story claiming that Germany is passing a law that would force an 18+ age rating on loot boxes. Big news, right? It would be except that’s not true.

Again, not the fault of the press. The idea that Germany would be limiting loot boxes was erroneously reported by The Bundestag itself, Germany’s federal parliament. The Bundestag amended its announcement removing mention of loot boxes and clarifying that age ratings will include descriptors for monetization practices like loot boxes, but won’t actually restrict them to an 18+ rating.

Let’s see how many outlets blanket copy and paste Eurogamer’s coverage today without seeing the update.