Bad Press: Bigoted Gamer Haven OAG Under New Management

And the old community is apparently no longer welcome.

One Angry Gamer is most well known for being one of the few remaining news sites to openly embrace Neo Nazis. In a sense it’s sort of like the Daily Stormer but for video games. Its owner William Usher is a combination of just about every -ist and -phobe you can think of and has used the website to broadcast his special form of moral authoritarianism that believes the gays are evil and the trans people are out to ruin civilization and abuse your children. Billy is also known for his racist tantrums, going on insane spittle-flinging tirades over small things like people criticizing Star Citizen.

The website’s status as a pathetic joke came to a head when Billy created a list of “traitors of America” which was just a list of his personal enemies. A list that held no weight and against Billy’s expectations had people begging to be added, because nobody respects his opinion. The list of traitors was reposted more than once as a list of developers and individuals to support on the grounds that anyone Billy did not approve of must be doing the right thing.

But One Angry Gamer is now under new management. Billy has apparently sold the website off to new owners who have announced that the website will be relaunched with new writing, and new rules. Hate speech will no longer be allowed, meaning the grand majority of OAG’s Klan rally community is no longer welcome.

The Terms of Service will be heavily revised and updated, prohibiting any kind of hate speech and pornographic content left by guests and members of our community.

Who the new owners are isn’t quite apparent. Why they would buy up a website with such a bad reputation is a mystery. How much they paid for it is guaranteed to be too much. What Billy’s next career move is is of no care to anyone.

Potential investors are welcome to contact the new OAG staff for inquiries into how you can spend money to be associated with a community of Neo Nazis.