Bethesda Pulls Bait And Switch On Fallout 76 Canvas Bag

Fallout 76 is just two weeks out of launch but it doesn’t look like the controversies are going to burn out any time soon. In addition to the ongoing server issues, players this week began raising complaints in regards to an alleged bait and switch regarding the game’s collector’s edition.

Put on the market for $200, the Fallout 76 collector’s edition includes the game, a lifesize power armor helmet, figurines, a map, and exclusive in-game items. The collector’s edition also advertised itself as including a canvas duffel bag to keep the aforementioned helmet safe and sound.

Unfortunately it turns out that players are not receiving the canvas duffel bag but instead found a lower quality nylon bag. One player contacted Bethesda customer support only to receive a response that the canvas bag was a prototype that was found to be “too expensive to make” and that Bethesda wasn’t planning to do anything about it.

Bethesda followed up today by apologizing and announcing that the company would be offering 500 atoms as compensation to players disappointed with the falsely advertised product. 500 atoms translates to roughly $5 worth of in-game currency.

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