Black Desert: Be A Ninja, Right Now

Do you want to be a ninja? Of course you do.

Pearl Abyss today announced the release of the latest class for Black Desert on the Xbox One and unlike with the Shai class, you won’t need to go through the hullabaloo of pre-making your character for when it launches in a few weeks. It’s available now. The ninja is a close-quarters combat specialist and enters the game along with the two new guild bosses and the Marni Stones, an item to assist in end-game leveling.

“For Adventurers interested in a challenging fight, two new guild bosses have been added – the electrifying Ancient Puturum in Valencia and the ghastly Muskan of Madness in Serendia. The Ancient Puturum attacks by shooting out electric currents from its body and can regain HP by soaring into the sky to gather energy. For those seeking a more grounded fight, the Muskan of Madness will require substantial teamwork and clever strategies to be defeated. Players who successfully conquer either guild boss can receive powerful new items and equipment.”

Marni Stones can be purchased at level 57 and are available for each monster type and achieving specific bounties. Players can turn in these stones to gain more experience.

Playstation 4 users will be happy to know that the game is available for pre-order ahead of the planned August 22 launch. More information can be found on the official website with the trailer below for your viewing pleasure.

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