Black Desert Online To Shutter Its Battle Royale Mode

In a rare show of self awareness for the industry, Kakao has announced that its Battle Royale mode for Black Desert Online will shut down. Originally released just a few months ago, Shadow Arena pits 50 players against one another with their eyes on shiny rewards. Unfortunately while Kakao had intended the mode to receive updates over time, the inconvenient truth is that the game was just taking too much focus and pulling the game away from the company’s vision.

“We had originally planned to provide continuous updates to Shadow Arena to keep it fresh and fun, but over time we had to consider how to balance making improvements to it, whilst working on fresh content. We felt that the focus on new updates was deviating from our original direction, partially due to the time being dedicated towards this mode. In addition, the recent rise of 3rd party software added to our concerns, making us further contemplate on its place within the scope of Black Desert Online.”

Shadow Arena will shut down on April 10, which those of you with calendars will note is this week. Wednesday, in fact. A compensation package will be released to players due to the sudden announcement of this removal.

Source: Black Desert Online

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