Black Desert PS4 Adds New Classes, World Boss

Black Desert on PS4 is launching a new update that will see two new classes, a world boss, and more content added to the game. In addition to the Dark Knight and Musa classes, players will also be able to take on the world boss Kzarka

Dark Knight wields intense power gained by burning nature’s latent energy. She wields the deadly Kriegsmesser for close range encounters, and uses her powerful, nature-burning magic for mid-range encounters. Musa was born with a tiger’s roar, and the power of that roar still echoes through his every action. His sword and bow make short work of anyone foolish enough to stand between him and his goals.

Guilds will appreciate the introduction of node wars and conquest, a small and large version of guild vs guild fights to take over land nodes across the game world. For more information on today’s update, as well as spawn times for Kzarka, check out the link below.

Source: Black Desert

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