Bless Online Promises To Fix Unpopular Balance Changes

Ask gamers what they want out of an MMO and “make me less powerful and the enemies more powerful” is probably not going to be high on the list. So when Bless Online developer Neowiz decided to slash player power across the board, those players were understandably annoyed. With waves of negative reactions to the patch coming in, Neowiz has again found themselves apologizing and promising to make things right.

In a post on the Steam discussions, Neowiz promised a patch early this week to address the following core issues:

  1. Decreasing ability (HP or defense) of monsters from the field and low-level dungeons. Adjustments will be determined by leveling area and monster level.
  2. Increasing Chain Bonus values. The more skills you connect, the higher the damage you will do. This will make up for the decreased DPS.

Direct damage increases and skill cooldown and resource adjustment will be worked on afterward.

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