Brace For Death, Deadman Season 2 Begins


Welcome to Deadman mode. On these worlds, you die.

RuneScape’s Deadman Mode has proven to be a rather successful spinoff to Old School, requiring players to stay on their toes as death means heavy losses in experience, inventory, and bank. To keep things exciting, Jagex began a seasonal Deadman mode, allowing players to level up over the course of three months with the top two thousand players gaining entry to the Deadman tournament servers, culminating in a deathmatch tournament whereby the winner goes home with ten grand in real money.

Well the first season has come and gone, and its victor has been crowned and will be receiving his money. Season 2 has begun, and all seasonal server characters have been reset. Players can log into the new seasonal servers and start grinding away.

As usual, players on seasonal deadman will enjoy boosted experience rates at the cost of heavy losses on death.

(Source: Old School)

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