Building My Own MMO: A Storybricks Alpha Look

I know I am not the only MMO gamer who has said to myself “I want to make my own MMO. With blackjack and hookers.” I don’t know about the latter two, but thanks to the power of Kickstarter I discovered a developer who not only shared my thoughts but wanted to make my dreams come true. In comes Storybricks, a toolset in development that will allow people to build their own living MMO worlds.

I was able to sit down with an alpha build of Storybricks. The game has a long way to go, but the foundation is present and it looks promising. Essentially, as a player you are able to set NPCs in the world and designate their behaviors, responses, desires and interactions. To try out some of the features, I created a small city populated by just a handful of NPCs. Upon entry, the player enters with a coin and is direct toward a guard by the omnipresent narrator. The guard informs the player that the king has been corrupted and the player must procure his ring so that a new king can be crowned. In order to receive this, the player must talk to a wealthy citizen who trades a coin for a scroll. The (enchanted) scroll is given to the king and the player steals his ring. In return, the guard gives the player an apple (yes, not the best reward).

Short? Yes, but evidence of the prospects in Storybricks as a product. This is all accomplished with a very easy to learn toolset that directs how the player interacts with NPCs and how they interact with each other. The wealthy player is given the desire for coin, and is willing to trade the scroll given to him in the editor. The corrupt king desires magical artifacts, and “trades” his ring when the player when given the scroll. Given more time fiddling with the editor, it might be possible to have the corrupt king removed from his position and replaced with a new “good” king NPC, with the old one jailed.

If you haven’t already, check out the Storybricks Kickstarter page. There is far more information here including how you can play in the early alpha test. And if you like the idea, make a pledge. For a mere $15, you can get access to the game when it launches and one year of premium service (perks not entirely grounded).

Check out the Storybricks website here. I have an interview with the Storybricks team that should come out this weekend.

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