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Falling Out #6: Put Your Trademark On It

More like They Break Games. 

Falling Out #5: The Best Laid Plans

And they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you pesky Reddit nerds.

Falling Out #4: To Hell and Back…To HR

On this episode of Falling Out, Bobby Kotick comes face to face with a force so evil that even he is powerless…Human Resources. Sprites created by Stephen Challener (Open Game Art)

Falling Out #3: Bad Ideas

Why not add another country to the list of places where MMO Fallout isn’t visible?

Falling Out #2: The Ghost of Christmas Obvious

Given the history of Electronic Arts, the only thing I’m worried about is the date on the gravestone being too far into the future. Scenery © 2012-2013 Julien Jorge <> Gravestones: Carlo Enrico Victoria (Nemisys) & Tuomo Untinen,  Casper Nilsson, Barbara Rivera (Via Open Game Art)

Falling Out, The Re-Reboot #1: At Cliff’s End

It’s been roughly six years since the last Falling Out comic which gives us a good year on our topic’s relevance. New episodes of Falling Out every…let’s play this release schedule by ear. Sprite credits: Stephen Challenger, Matthew Nash, Charles Gabriel (via OpenGameArt)

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