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[NM] Nintendo Snubs Blizzard, Ignores Overwatch Switch Launch

After the dismal week that Blizzard has had, it’s hard not to pile on to the company while they are down. In that vein, let’s talk about Nintendo snubbing Overwatch. To set up this story, Nintendo had a big event planned for Overwatch’s launch on the Switch which was yesterday (October 15). The event in […]

[Video] Not Massive: Postal 4: No Regerts Trailer (Press Copy)

Update: It’s out right now. Would you please sign my petition? It looks like Postal is finally back for a full sequel. MMO Fallout was sent a link by a guy to a currently unlisted trailer for Postal 4: No Regerts. The trailer showcases some random scenes from the game, but includes some information on […]

EA Community Team Wins Award For Most Hated Comment On Reddit

You have to wonder how it feels to juxtapose simultaneously being one of the most successful companies in the industry while also being one of, if not the most hated. Electronic Arts has won numerous awards over the years for the worst company not just in the gaming industry, but in the world. The game […]

[Not Massive] Gaijin Throws Taiwan Under Bus For Chinese Gov’t

A game developer doing something scummy to appease an oppressive dictatorship? Must be a day ending in WHY. In the world of developers doing stupid things, if you push past the western AAA industry of Electronic Arts and Valve and make your way toward the back of the room, you might spot Gaijin Entertainment. Back […]

Wasting Time: Darkula

Here at MMO Fallout I occasionally like to bring attention to games that you can check out completely free of charge, but also games that are not MMOs and therefore 1.) will not require you to take them up as a full time job and 2.) won’t bombard you with microtransactions. These games are totally […]

[Not Massive] It’s Time For More Interesting Steam Games

Get that toilet out, it’s time for more Steam releases. What can I say about this week’s Steam releases other than to say it might be the worst week I have seen in a long time. Over 250 releases of which nine might be worth looking into. If you’re a fan of hentai puzzle sliders […]

Wasting Time: The Designers Curse: Chapter One

Today I played The Designers Curse: Chapter One. The game is available for free on Steam and it’ll clock in around thirty minutes of gameplay before you’re out and done. The game is meant to be the first chapter in a story line that will be roughly a buck for further chapters with each clocking […]

[NM] Rockstar North Paid No Taxes, Earned Tax Relief

It’s hard to look at Rockstar North and not see dollar signs (or pound signs) around the massive success of Grand Theft Auto V, but this week’s news is sure to set some fires in more than a few bellies as the company’s finances come into more scrutiny. TaxWatch UK a thinktank that tracks business […]

[NM] Bethesda Introduces More Non-Cosmetic Cash Shop Items

It’s a new day, and that means another opportunity for Bethesda to remind us that the company can’t be trusted. The latest update that hit live servers just yesterday (July 16) introduces a new item to the Fallout 76 cash shop: Scrap kits. Yes, scrap kits. Another instance of Bethesda selling items for real money […]

[NM] G2A Vows To Pay Devs 10x Money Lost On Chargebacks

G2A; it’s a website whose very mention here at MMO Fallout will cause some developers to stop communicating with me. You may be familiar with G2A thanks to its reputation as the place that sells video games dirt cheap, but also as a place that developers/publishers hate because the whole key reselling world is kind […]

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