Snapshots: How To Get Your Amatsu Armor In FFXIV

It’s a simple quest line.

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Snapshots: Naughty Dog Copyright Strikes Playstation Twitter

Sometimes you have to enjoy the finer things.

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Snapshots: Jagflex Mental Heath Week

Spreading awareness of delicious toffee chocolate.

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Snapshots: Pearl Abyss Reveals Crimson Dawn Shots

Pearl Abyss has released some screenshots from the upcoming title Crimson Dawn, as well as some development notes players might find interesting.

Crimson Dawn began as a project to tell the backstory to Black Desert Online’s world, but grew and added more unique elements to produce new lands, elements, and characters. The character we see featured in key art is Macduff, son of Martinus. Macduff is the leader of a band of mercenaries and struggles with the responsibilities of his position. Throughout the game’s single player campaign, we will see the exploits of many mercenaries available for hire. As for the online portion, players can expect a number of features that MMORPG players have come to expect.

Crimson Dawn is expected to hit beta in 2020.

Marvel Future Fight Celebrates 4 Years, 100 Million Downloads

Today’s infographic comes to us from Marvel Future Fight, currently celebrating 100 million downloads worldwide. Future Fight is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a slew of events including an 8 week login event, comics cards, character voting events, and other miscellaneous activities. Check out the infographic below and check out Marvel’s Future Fight on iOS and Android.

Snapshots: My Pink Bean Edition

Today’s snapshot comes to us from MapleStoryM, the mobile spinoff of everyone’s favorite game to say “I remember that game.”

The folks at Nexon are hosting an event (go figure) for My Pink Bean. The gist of the event is that you get food to feed your bean, with the ultimate goal of leveling it up and getting rewards such as the pink bean chair and the pink bean mount. It’s all just so gosh darn adorable.

Check out more Snapshots every time it is posted.

Snapshots: The Fifteenth Scapeversary

Today, March 29, 2019, marks fifteen years to the day since the official launch of RuneScape 2. It’s incredible to think how much the game and Jagex as a company has changed and evolved over the last decade and a half, but if you want to take a walk down nostalgia road (or visit for the first time), I recommend checking out the following imgur galleries showcasing screenshots from the RuneScape 2 beta with comparisons between the two versions and snapshots from the early days.

Snapshots: Trust In Destiny

Today’s Snapshots comes to us from Destiny 2 where I’m going to take a moment to bring attention to my beautiful hand cannon Trust. It probably isn’t the best hand cannon in the game by far, but it has heart and looks pretty damn cool with the copper skin I attached to it.

Look forward to a new Snapshots every whenever-I-remember-this-column-exists.

Snapshots: Dance All Over Your Enemies

Today’s Snapshot comes to us from Guild Wars 2, where players can get their hands on the First Follower Desmina Outfit. The outfit joins the cash shop along with the Choya finisher, and the return of the Heroes Dye Pack, Snowflake Glider, and Mini Festive Aurene with more items returning throughout the week.

You can check out the recent additions at this link here.

Snapshots: RuneScape Agents of Fury

Today’s Snapshots comes from RuneScape where players are once again playing a limited time resource gathering event. For the next two weeks, skilling activities will yield Zamorakian Emblems, which can be traded in to the envoys of Avernic general Nymora in return for rewards including pieces of the Furies Agent outfit. You can see the full outfit constructed above. The full outfit requires ten days worth of resources, so get cracking!

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