Snapshots: RuneScape Healing The Scar

Today’s snapshot comes to us from RuneScape. Today’s update to the ever-expanding MMO finally healed the scar in Lumbridge, where players assisted in a battle between gods Saradomin and Zamorak going on four years ago. Since then the battle-scarred land has been used for everything from holiday events to summer beach parties. With today’s update, a bit of life returns to the region with all sorts of rabbits and imps walking around.

Also part of today’s update is a major overhaul to the game’s wardrobe system.

Snapshots: Captain America Arctic Costume

Today’s Snapshot is from Marvel Heroes, introducing a pretty awesome looking new costume for Captain America. The costume is currently available in the Marvel Heroes in-game store and can be bought with cash shop currency or likely found through the one in a billion costume drops.

Snapshots: Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus hits open beta July 6th, but for now Nexon has sent along a few new screenshots showcasing the mounts you can find in-game. Players with founders packs can get in early, while the rest of us will be able to log in next week.

(Source: Nexon)

Snapshots: Unsurprising Racism Edition


If you caught our coverage of RuneScape’s latest ban controversy, you probably made a mental note of Jagex’s statement that a player was permanently banned for dressing up as a KKK member. Some of you may have wondered how it is possible to dress up like a klan member on RuneScape. Well, here’s your answer.

The outfit is apparently a combination of desert robes, a gnome hat, and a noose wand. Why does RuneScape have an equippable noose? For catching Kebbits, a part of the game’s hunter skill. Jagex, for their part, are generally quick to ban players for wearing such attire.

Less surprising is that players actively seek out these outfits, look in any corner of the internet and you’ll find a legion of desperate attention-seekers acting out and being as edgy as possible to get their fifteen minutes, with the genuinely racist members sprinkled somewhere in the crowd. Even less so the people who brazenly, and unconvincingly, attempt to play the ignorant card like they don’t understand why such conduct is looked down on.

(Credit for the image: NPC_2006 on Reddit)

Snapshots: RuneScape NXT


RuneScape is celebrating the launch of its new game client, NXT, and Jagex has sent over a few screenshots of the new engine to grab your eye. Check them out in the gallery below and, if you like what you see, head on over to to download the new client.

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