Videos Now: Everquest Landmark Crafting

Everquest Next Landmark looks better with each passing video. Today the folks at Sony Online Entertainment dive into crafting, detailing how players will go about obtaining recipes and crafting items. Learn about altars and recipes and the secret meaning of life. Hint: It is corgis.

Video of the Now: Skywind Development

Today’s video comes from a team of developers working on taking Morrowing and remaking it using the Skyrim engine. The mod team of more than 70 is looking to go further than a simple port, adding in voice acting and sprucing up an otherwise dated and barren game world with more scenery. Check out the entire development video above.

Video of the Now: Shroud of the Avatar 6 Months In

Richard Garriot has released a video detailing Shroud of the Avatar’s progress six months in. The video details housing plots, placing items, crafting, and dungeon exploring. The crafting system is rather interesting, with the player creating the individual parts of the item before combining them at a smithing table for the final product. The player then sneaks into a prison via passages disguised as false walls and aids guards in bringing down an escaped Kobold. You’ll have to watch the video to see everything, which clocks in at under a half an hour.


From The Archives: LOTRO E3 '06 Trailer

Tonight’s bit of nostalgia comes from Lord of the Rings Online, more specifically the game’s E3 2006 trailer. Lord of the Rings Online launched in April 2007. Check us out on Youtube¬†for further videos and nostalgia, or continue following us here at MMO Fallout dot com.

Video of the ___: The Xbox Fun

Xbox One? After this commercial, they should call it Xbox Fun. Wait, I already made that joke in the header. This is why you shouldn’t update your website via typewriter, no backspace key.

Video of the _____: Elder Scrolls Online Character Creator

I am not an adventurer, but I do play one in video games, and I’ve spent enough time in Cyrodil and Morrowind to know that not every hero is a buff, handsome man or Vogue model with large boobs. In fact, many of them have faces only a mother could love, and that’s pushing it. Luckily, as the character creator trailer for Elder Scrolls Online shows, I can once again reign terror on evil as my pot-bellied archer.

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