CIG Might Refund $2.1 Million Kickstarters, Derek Smart Promises Lawsuit


Cloud Imperium Games publicly announced that they refunded Derek Smart’s Kickstarter pledge and disabled his account may strike as odd, given they accused him of using the game to push his own MMO, and even odder if you consider that Smart allegedly has never posted on their forum. On his Twitter account, Smart reacted to the public statement by CIG with one of his own: Make a public apology or face a defamation lawsuit.

My attorneys are sending a strongly worded letter demanding a PUBLIC apology. If I don’t get it, I WILL take legal action.

In addition to the lawsuit, Smart also mused on the idea that CIG might refund all Kickstarter backers, presumably in response to comments about involvement by the Federal Trade Commission who recently opened up a division to handle crowdfunding.

I think I know what they’re trying to do. As I said in article KS & RSI pledges r diff. Looks like they r ready to refund $2.1 KS backers. IF they refund $2.1 in KS backers, the rest who bought directly from RSI website, are screwed by the TOS. Unless they sue or FTC steps in.

CIG has not yet responded to these new allegations.

(Source: Twitter)

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