City of Titans in Full Preproduction


City of Titans is one of the spiritual successors to City of Heroes currently in development. In a recent announcement, Missing Worlds Media revealed the new board elected to oversee operations and ensure that the project makes its way to completion on schedule.

To serve on Missing Worlds Media’s board, we have chosen five highly qualified and capable people: Sara “Firefairy” Quinn, Chris “Warcabbit” Hare, Cameron “Segev” Johnson, David “Terwyn” James and Jennifer “Petalstorm” Bolack. The board is the executive management of the company itself, overseeing all operations and making sure all is going according to plan.

Nate “Doctor Tyche” Downs will be taking the helm as President of Missing Worlds Media with Tim Ross as Vice President. City of Titans is in full pre-production which, as Doctor Tyche puts it, is not the most exciting time and doesn’t have much to show. The aim of focusing on pre-production is to avoid the pitfalls of development hell that seem to trap so many games, as well as to involve the fans in the creation process.

By focusing on pre-production, we can test and evaluate early on, when changes are easier to manage. We can also involve you, the fan, in the pre-production process. When we post ideas here, we listen to the feedback. Sometimes our ideas strike where we believe they will. Sometimes, they just don’t ring the way we had hoped. We listen to both, so we can refine and improve.

You can check out the City of Titans updates at their Kickstarter page linked below.

(Source: Kickstarter)

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