Closers: En Mass Entertainment To Remove Fatigue

This may come as a shock, but one aspect of games that gamers don’t take too kindly to these days is the idea of developers purposely stopping them from playing. Such is the case with Closers, epic anime RPG published by En Masse Entertainment. Turns out players weren’t too happy about the fatigue system preventing them from playing as much as they would like, and after hearing their feedback En Masse has decided to remove the system come July.

We heard you loud and clear. As of July 3, we’ll remove the fatigue system from the NA and EU versions of Closers. We’ve been watching, observing, and listening to all of your comments in regard to this system. It became obvious the system wasn’t good and took away the fun for a majority of players in our regions. Naddic is a very player focused developer and aligns with our En Masse mission to create great Player Experiences. So, we are very happy to announce the implementation of this change in the next update!

The update notes that existing energy potions will be converted into credits, however this has not been finalized. In addition, starter packs will be altered in what benefits they give as said potions will no longer have a use once the update goes into effect.

(Source: Steam)

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