[Collab] Talion Guide To Enhancing Items

We’re doing something a little different here at MMO Fallout today, and publishing a guide for the mobile MMORPG Talion. Talion is a title that I myself have played a fair amount of, and in my discussion with the folks over at Talion we agreed that the game can be rather complicated for newer players. So with that in mind, please enjoy this guide on enhancing items in Talion.

Editor’s note: This is not a sponsored post nor am I receiving anything in return for publishing this guide. This is purely for the community.

Talion Enhance Guide

Talion gives players four ways to upgrade their characters and equipment within the Forge menu. The below is a brief explanation on each option in the Forge menu (Enhance, Limit Break, Upgrade, Inherit) to get you upgrading your character and expediting your path to power!


In the Forge menu, the Enhance option is used to increase the Enhance Level of your equipment. To upgrade the Enhance Level, you’ll first need to collect and spend the appropriate Enhance Stones and amount of Gold.

There are three different types of Enhance Stones used to enhance your equipment each of which is simply named to indicate what type of equipment it affects.: Weapon Enhance Stone, Armor Enhance Stone & Accessory Enhance Stone. 

Enhance Stones are divided into three grades: Enhance Stone I, Enhance Stone II, and Enhance Stone III. Each Enhance Stones are used to enhance equipment of different level range. Higher grade Enhance Stones are required to enhance higher level gear that you collect along your journey.

Limit Break

Talions (your character) can limit break their equipment to expand the Max Enhance Level. The number of Limit Breaks is determined by the equipment’s grade. Limit Break can be used regardless of Enhance Level of the equipment. 

  • Magic: 1 Limit Break
  • Rare: 2 Limit Breaks
  • Legendary: 4 Limit Breaks
  • Mythical: 12 Limit Breaks

Talions can either use identical Equipment or special Limit Break Items in order to perform limit break. If you are using identical equipment, the success rate depends on the grade of material equipment. On the other hand, limit breaking with a Limit Break Item guarantees a successful Limit Break – use them wisely!


After you have upgraded a piece of equipment to Max Level through Enhance and Limit Break, it can then be Upgraded to the next grade by using Upgrade Stones and Gold. There are six grades of equipment in Talion: Normal, Advanced, Magic, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical. The max Enhance Level of each grade is as follows:

  • Normal: Lv. 5
  • Advanced: Lv. 15
  • Magic: Lv. 35
  • Rare: Lv. 65
  • Legendary: Lv. 110
  • Mythical: Lv. 320

Upgrading equipment to next grade not only greatly enhance the equipment’s Main Attributes, but also adds a new Attribute to the equipment. Gaining new Attributes on already powerful equipment is one of the best ways to get a leg up on your opponents in Talion.


The Inherit feature allows Talions to transfer Enhance Levels from one piece of equipment to another. Only items of the same or higher grade can inherit an Enhance Level. This function is good for Talions who acquire equipment of a higher grade than the one they are currently using. Instead of enhancing the new gear from scratch, Inherit lets Talions transfer certain amounts of Enhance Level to the new equipment they prefer.

While inheriting does not normally transfer 100 percent of the Enhance Level from the original gear, using Inherit Stones let Talions transfer 100 percent of the Enhance Level to different equipment.

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