[Column] Fallout 76’s Black Friday Sale Is A Warning Against Pre-Orders

Gamers were angry when Square Enix put Shadow of the Tomb Raider on sale for 34% off just a month after launch. They were just as angry when Bethesda knocked 50% off of Wolfenstein II a month after it hit store shelves.

Boy will/should they be livid now.

Fallout 76 launched eight days ago and Bethesda has thanked their loyal fans by giving everyone else a heavily reduced price. The few loyal fans, anyhow, since if the game’s UK sales figures are any indication there aren’t many of them left. 80% down over Fallout 4? Ouch. Not even two weeks after launch, Fallout 76 has been slashed a mean 33% off down to $40.

And critics aren’t going easy on the game either. The Playstation 4 version currently stands with a 50 average critic rating on Metacritic, the PC version at 55, and the Xbox One at 50.

It’s worth noting that this is a publisher-led sale, meaning Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon didn’t just unilateraily decide to drop their prices for Black Friday. If you purchased the game from one of those sources, it might be worth getting in touch with customer service to see if you can get a price match.

Best Buy will match a lower price within 15 days of purchase, which would cover early adopters. For Gamestop that is at the store’s discretion.

For everyone else, may this be another warning against early adoption. You might view your early sale as a sign of loyalty to Bethesda, but they sure don’t view the same about you.

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