[Column] Thankfully Nothing Happens In This Industry

I’m back, nerds!

I’d like to start off by denying a few rumors I’ve seen floating around the internet, specifically that I was expelled out of law school because I sent my cat in to take the final exams for me. This is completely untrue, the cat managed to get fantastically passable grades considering the short study period and that she actually has more training in holistic plumbing. Second, and this is not meant to be a comment on my fellow writers, but I honestly expected that the announcement of MMO Fallout going on vacation would be met with less attention. I was incredibly touched that Massively and other websites decided to add a farewell address but I honestly expected to quietly sneak away into the darkness with naught but a few comments here on the ol’ blog. Again, I find myself humbled and thanked Massively OP by dropping some legal dockets in their lap in my absence.

Thankfully the gods are smiling down upon me in their sick and twisted monkey paw way, because I specifically recall asking for a reason to be able to focus on my final exams and did not include sending my gaming PC to the depths of hell to my list of exemptions. My PC burned down, almost literally since my hardware monitor pinged my CPU at well over 100 degrees Celsius before it blew out and took the rest of the computer with it, leaving behind nothing but the smell of something burning. As such, I have spent the last few weeks without a computer capable of doing much while I waited for my new friends at IBuyPower to build and ship my new gaming rig. I specifically went with a gaming laptop this time around because there is absolutely no way I’m going to spend long periods of time gaming on a laptop. The thing is awesome, and I will be talking about it (not a sponsorship, I paid full price for this laptop).

On the topic of the topic of this piece, the last month has gratefully seen nothing going on in the gaming industry. Nothing at all. I’m sure most of you are much more in tune with what’s been going on than I am, so spending ten hours writing a catch up piece is just going to remind me why I went on vacation in the first place.

I know a few developers whose games I have notoriously dragged down were glad to see me go. Get ready, it’s a new era of MMO Fallout goodness. I have a large supply of Canada Dry ginger ale and I’m ready to rip and tear.

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