Community Concerns: How Should Security Be Rated?

In case you hadn’t noticed, Week in Review (much like Month in Review before it) is going the way of the dodo. I’d rather utilize my Sundays to discuss more meaningful topics to MMO Fallout than the metaphorical digging from the trash bin I did in past months. I always have something in the works to make MMO Fallout less of a news source and more of an information database, to make my articles less time-based (less likely to be outdated) while at the same time staying relevant and interesting.

My current project is to discuss and rate the security on a company by company basis, which I will be doing hopefully in each Sunday’s editorial. I can guarantee an editorial every Sunday, but not that it will be on security, because some of the questions I will be asking need direct information from customer support, and we all know how fast they generally respond.

If I don’t bring this up now, someone will point it out: Yes, I am including actual security breaches in the analysis.

1. Prevention

How well do publishers prevent an account from being broken into in the first place?

  • Authenticators (either dongle or app form)
  • On-screen PIN (clicked with mouse, sends encrypted message, not through keyboard)
  • Computer recognition (Only recognized computers may log in)
  • IP recognition (If an account suddenly logs in from another country, it is locked)

2. Recovery

Once the account is stolen, how is the process?

  • How long does it take an account to lock down?
  • What damage can be done while the active account is moving about?
  • Can the thief plant information to later use to steal back the account?
  • etc.

3. Cleanup

Once the account is returned to its rightful owner.

  • Compensation (does the company return lost items/characters)

This isn’t the entire list of questions I’ll be taking into account, but it is rather comprehensive. Hopefully I can get some of these developers to get on board and help me out.

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