[Community] The Internet Dances on the Grave of Neogaf

Let’s be clear on one thing: The death of Neogaf was guaranteed a long time before this last week’s revelation, thanks to a closed door policy and a sycophantic owner/moderation team whose policy can essentially be summed up as “no dissenting opinions.”

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t spend a lot of time on Neogaf, a website that has repeatedly and personally turned me down for membership in part precisely because of my ownership and affiliation with this website. While the website maintained a reputation of an insulated hugbox where disagreeing with the higher ups was a quick way to a permanent ban, it’s hard to deny the sleuthing skills of many of the members within. A lot of leaks and early information was disseminated through Neogaf, and it honestly made for a good place to find lead stories. As hard as it is, you have to separate the overall community from its more well known and immature voices.

But we’re not here to praise Neogaf, this week’s Community is all about how a person who seems to enjoy exerting control and dominance, an individual with years of rumored sexual malfeasance, could surprisingly turn out to be a sexual predator. The latest allegation was posted over the past few days of Tyler Malka, AKA Evilore, prompting a number of moderators of the website to step down in protest and in solidarity of the alleged victim. The forums, as you might expect, burst into flames from users demanding an answer to said allegations or for Malka to step down. Attempts by moderators to lock and delete threads only fanned the flames further, and eventually the forums were shut down completely.

The internet, unsurprisingly, is taking this opportunity to dance on the grave of Neogaf, given Malka’s alleged predatory behavior towards women seems in stark opposition to his very public support for progressive causes including supporting victims of sexual abuse.

Support apparently not extending to women interacting with Malka who, in 2012, posted a story on Neogaf involving him grabbing a woman’s backside at a bar after she asked him to buy her a drink, just to show that she wasn’t in control of the interaction. The latest allegation comes from a woman claiming that Malka made an unwanted entrance into her shower while she was both sick and intoxicated, posted as part of the growing #metoo campaign that has seen countless women speak out about sexual harassment.

The individual went on to have a relationship with Malka in the following months.

“At one point in a bar a girl who didn’t speak any English came up to me and started flirting heavily, then went straight into asking me to buy her a drink. . . I laughed because drinks here were all of two Euros, but consented and then grabbed her ass hard to show that I wasn’t being taken advantage of, and she thought better of treating me as a mark and left without taking her drink.”

The news of Malka’s misconduct comes just a few months after a Neogaf moderator was arrested. Christopher John Goldberg, posting under the name Amir0x, was arrested and charged with 63 counts of possession of child porn. According to various accounts, there was supposed to be a statement released by Neogaf on the situation this weekend, and as of Monday morning nothing has been released. When a statement is made, it will be added to this article front and center.

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