[Community] The Nontroversial Fizzle Of One Guild’s Emblem


It wouldn’t be Monday on the internet, or any other day for that matter, if we weren’t discussing someone getting offended over a non-controversial issue. Those of you who read Massively OP, as I myself do, found an article late last week complaining about an “offensive” guild symbol in Black Desert Online that a reader tipped the staff to. The symbol is of a female stick figure (clearly female because of the skirt) with a down arrow next to it. Take a few seconds to guess the context, this coffee isn’t going to refill itself.


Finished? Stumped? Well, it’s an in-joke. The guild that created the logo is a rival of another guild on the same server. Said rival guild’s emblem is a “man up” statement, a man figure with an up arrow next to him. Get it now? Man up, woman down, Geodude’s Pokemon type is ground? The point is that the guild emblem is a joke, an in-joke, but probably one that the majority of you just kinda thought about and were stumped.

What it didn’t stop was the internet’s roving gang of perpetually offended, constantly seeking out new things to project their hateful view of the world on. A reader complained to Kakao Games that the emblem was sexist, presuming that the message was along the lines of “down with women,” or something else derogatory toward women. Kakao, being of sound mind and body, recognized the emblem and actually took the time to gain context before damning the creator, and refused to take action. The reader complained to Massively, who were also told by Kakao that the emblem was a parody and not in fact a poster for the BDO chapter of the He Man Woman Hater’s Club.

The guild has since changed their emblem to a dog with a circle and line through it. Unsurprisingly, the aforementioned group of perpetually offended have once again found something to be offended by. Take a look in the comments section and you’ll find users conflating the new emblem as using a dog to call women bitches, calling the creators sexist (again) and claiming that the emblem is an affront to women.

You can’t win.

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