Creating Games Using Someone Else’s Intellectual Property

As someone who started writing by creating derivative works of existing properties, I have a special place in my heart for amateur studios who do the same. So whenever I have to deal with such a group of people, I never see them as content theives when I tell them they will probably be served a cease and desist, if not sued outright, for stealing intellectual property.

As is the case with My Little Pony Online, a testament to the internet’s demand that not even this website can refrain from mentioning the show. MLP: Online is an MMO based on the tv show dedicated to a base of adult men. Unsurprisngly, MLP: Online was the target of a cease and desist by Hasbro for all sorts of infringements. The project will continue, but without anything that would identify it as a My Little Pony game.

Still, the law sucks. It puts content owners in a rough spot since if they don’t protect their properties, they could lose them.

Perhaps the better question to ask is why Hasbro took so long to send the cease and desist, considering the game was on the radar of the mane-stream press for a good while now.

I am so sorry.

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