Crowdfunding Fraudster: Kickstarter Suspends Shady Campaign RAW

Check out the .gif image above. What if I told you this game was being worked on by a team of three people? What if I then told you that this game is being funded for just $78 thousand? What if I then told you that the dev team hopes to have this out by December 2019?

You’d probably accuse me of propping up a scam, a point that is now moot since you can no longer back the project. RAW is a self-described “sandbox open world hardcore MMORPG with unique approach to social structure and high attention to gameplay details,” and its creators Killerwhale Games from Germany want you to know that just because the overwhelming amount of detail being put into the game’s systems versus team size and development time/cost make it sound like a massive scam, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

What sort of crazy, near ponzi-scheme promises is KWG making? Well just check out their description of car mechanics and house building.

“For example, if you buy a car, you need to monitor its technical condition, because it will break down over time during normal operation. If you want to build a house, you need to purchase materials and find a truck to deliver them to the construction site. To better understand our approach, read the following blocks, which reveal it more deeply.”

But the buck doesn’t stop here. RAW is promising a world where everything is player built and player supported on the island. Want fancy cars? Someone has to buy and import them to sell. Town needs gasoline? Someone has to build and start a gasoline store. But watch out, because other players can steal your stuff, so you’ll need good security systems and, you guessed it, that’ll be another player’s duty.

The pitch eventually gets so tedious that even the least logical person couldn’t possibly believe that this team has the funds or capabilities of putting all of this in an online game. Working shifts and dealing with city parking, including paying fees to park and possibly dealing with your car getting towed if you park it somewhere illegally. Every car having engine, suspension, battery, generator, brake system, fuel system, each with their own failure systems, each with separate maintenance intervals. Every car having a unique key, needing to register the vehicle with the DMV in order to legally drive it. Power lines to bring electricity to the city. An immune system so your character can encounter diseases or indigestion from too much Taco Bell.

And if you read all of these awesome features and thought “this game sounds like a scam,” you’re not alone. While Killerwhale Games might have been rubbing its hands in glee after thrashing their funding goal (raising $193 grand of the original $78k goal), Kickstarter has stepped and put the kibosh on the whole campaign. The developer, naturally, has responded in a manner you’d expect from a professional game developer and not as a fraudster called out on his fake game:

Guys, expect our message about the current situation in discord. Shitstarter closed the project without even trying to figure out what was going on. The gameplay video was almost finished. We will continue the project anyway, because a huge amount of effort has been invested in it. Please don’t listen to a bunch of offended by life idiots and their bullshit. Thank you for your support and faith in us.

Best regards, Alex Tretiakov, Killerwhale games.

MMO Fallout looks forward to continuing coverage of the completely legitimate RAW MMORPG.

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