Crowdfunding Fraudsters: Legend of Zelda On Unreal


a:  a person who is not what he or she pretends to be :impostor;

Gather around, students, for it is time for another Crowdfunding Fraudsters courtesy of MMO Fallout and a never ending legion of people whose motivations are, shall we say for the sake of legal liability, questionable? The reason we call this segment Crowdfunding Fraudsters, rather than say ‘Kickstarter Scam Artists,’ and put the definition right at the beginning is to forward the idea that this isn’t a witch hunt. Most of the projects covered under this segment are merely the ill-informed dreams of ignorant fans. They either lack the business knowledge, the legal understanding, or the programming experience to see their projects to completion. In short, they are impersonating someone who can run a competent crowdfunding campaign.

Today’s project is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ported to the Unreal Engine 4 so PC gamers can play it. It sounds like an invitation for a cease & desist from Nintendo, but the campaign has been up and running for a while now so let’s give it the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s find out about the creator.

My name is Joseph I am the current lead developer and coming from Germany / Italy and i think im Well known for the Nintendo character creation in Unreal Engine 4 🙂

As a game developer, being well known as the guy who steals Nintendo assets and ports them to other engines probably isn’t something to be especially proud of, although that resume would have gotten you a job at Silicon Knights years back.

This game will never be allowed to be sold so for the project to ever be completed it must be crowd funded. You are the only ones who can help with the competition I hope to make this a three person team as you can see from the demos we have posted so far this game is coming along, and most of the main maps are complete.

Here’s the thing that people don’t seem to understand about copyright, and I won’t go into the whole idea of profit motive as a concept just yet. It is illegal to just 1:1 recreate a game on a different engine and sell it for money, I think we can all agree on that basic point. With that in mind, creators like Joseph tend to think that if they don’t charge up front for something that they can’t legally sell, but ask for donations or contributions that it’s suddenly alright in the eyes of the law.

Spoiler: It isn’t. It also doesn’t help that the campaign is going to directly sell the game, as it admits right afterward:


Joseph needs $2,500 to make Legend of Zelda on Unreal Engine 4 a reality, but the goal is flexible because why demand the whole pot when you can hope to lure in some hapless chap for $50? With about 20 hours left to go as of this publishing, not a single person has fallen into this campaign.

The good news is that you can be listed as a producer with nothing more than a mere $15 contribution. For $500, you can be listed as the sole executive producer.

My advice to the creator: You do more benefit to your image and portfolio by creating original works. Nintendo is not well known for its patience when it comes to unlicensed works, and asking for money is just adding gasoline to the inevitable fire.


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