Darkfall: Unholy Wars Reveals Gameplay In New Trailer

Since Aventurine announced Darkfall: Unholy Wars, I’ve seen a bit of criticism from the community over the lack of video demonstrating the new gameplay. In a recently released trailer, Aventurine shows off the Baresark, one of the classes in the warrior school of training. The Baresark is a melee class with the ability to do area of effect damage as well as stomp the ground, throwing his enemies away and (in the video) over a cliff. The new UI is also shown in the video, and you can see that it is incredibly minimalistic.

More videos showcasing the new class-based system in Darkfall: Unholy Wars is sure to come. Darkfall shuts down November 15th and is currently free for all current and past subscribers, Unholy Wars launches as a separate game on November 20th.

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