Darkfall: Unholy Wars Short On Subscribers


Today’s Taco Tuesday discussion comes to us from the Darkfall: Unholy Wars forum where a rather interesting event has taken place. In a recent stream, Aventurine’s own Creative Director Claus Grovdal revealed some of his own hopes for future content. Grovdal wants to see a new class introduced, one that would deploy turrets and function as a support class much like engineer classes in other MMOs. He would also like to see repeatable prowess quests, introduce more quests into the game, and provide more loot for players, as well as improving the user interface, which Grovdal apparently does not like.

Grovdal also revealed that the game currently holds twenty thousand subscribers, which is quite a feat for a small developer. Unfortunately, he also notes that Aventurine wants thirty five thousand total to cover expenses, putting Darkfall well below its target. With Grovdal as the new creative director, hopefully he can put a plan into action and bring Aventurine up to its target subscription count.

(Source: Stream)

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