DarkScape Drops Multiple Banks, Multiple Grand Exchanges

JagexLauncher 2015-09-21 20-03-33-20

The whole point of experimenting is to test new ideas, and that means a high likelihood that those ideas will be scrapped as unusable for one reason or another. In DarkScape, today’s update marks the removal of the three separate bank and Grand Exchanges. In order to add danger to DarkScape, Jagex had separated the world into three separate ‘risk’ areas with three separate banks and three Grand Exchanges, requiring players to smuggle items between them in order to move resources around the world.

Beginning today, players will be able to access all three banks from anywhere, although they will remain as three separate tabs. In addition, the medium and high threat exchanges have been shut down, returning any items/gold from unfinished sales. It is also possible to teleport from lower risk to higher risk areas while carrying items, but not vice versa.

(Source: DarkScape)

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