DarkScape Knocks Out Griefing Via Patch


In my tips for DarkScape, I made note for players to be aware of a griefing method where players repeatedly run into a bank, only to be immediately killed and explode, doing damage to those in the bank. In fact, the latest update to RuneScape addresses several points in my article. In addition to adding a toolbelt to mitigate the need to buy/haul your crafting tools around, Jagex has added mechanics to prevent one form of griefing:

The guards are also wising up to some of the methods players have been using to avoid punishment – watch this space!

According to players on the forums, guards will now use smite against the players they attack, draining their prayer instantly and preventing them from using retribution (explode on death) and keep item (allows players to keep an extra item on death).

(Source: RuneScape)

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