Daybreak Announces Pro League for King of the Kill

How would you like to earn money while playing a game where shooting streamers is legal?

Daybreak Game Company today announced that its Battle Royale shooter H1Z1: King of the Kill will be getting the pro gaming treatment. Already host to professional tournaments, Daybreak has partnered with Twin Galaxies to create a “sustainable, first of its kind, professional esports league for the “one versus all” battle royale genre.”

The partnership has already produced a gamer’s bill of rights, guaranteeing the right to a “fair and livable wage,” as well as a governance committee and “best-in-class principles.” The league conference will be held on October 20, with the application window on the 23, team announcements in Q1 2018, and league play beginning in Q2 2018.

The league will consist of 15 teams of 5 players. There will be no fees or buy in costs for teams to participate.

(Source: H1Z1)

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