Daybreak Game Company Announces Planetside Arena

Daybreak Game Company today finally unveiled their next title: Planetside Arena. Set to launch in early 2019, Planetside Arena is a massive-scale sci-fi arena FPS set in the Planetside universe. Arena will launch with three battle royale modes in season one: A 250 vs 250 player experience titled Massive Clash with solo and team modes. Later seasons are expected to introduce more traditional game modes including capture the flag, team deathmatch, search and destroy, and global conquest. Daybreak expects the battle royale mode to eventually support up to 1,000 players per match.

“There’s simply no other multiplayer shooter that can replicate the depth of play and massive scale of PlanetSide,” said Andy Sites, Executive Producer. “PlanetSide Arena will expand and evolve the franchise with new modes, new technology and new content, delivered on a scale that only PlanetSide can offer.”

Three initial classes will be available including the Engineer, Assault, and Medic, each with a personal vehicle, jetpack, and unique abilities that can be upgraded throughout the match.

Planetside Arena is currently available for pre-order on Steam, with launch on January 29, 2019.

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