Daybreak Game Company Hit With More Layoffs

Daybreak Game Company has decided to round out 2018 by laying off more employees, marking the second round for 2018 and one of many over the past few years. In a statement to Gamasutra, the developer referred to the layoffs as “optimizing our structure” to ensure continued success in the years to come. While Daybreak has not confirmed exact numbers, former head honcho John Smedley posted on Twitter that upwards of 70 people are now without jobs. Smedley has since deleted his tweet.

“We are optimizing our structure to ensure we best position ourselves for continued success in the years to come. This effort has required us to make some changes within the organization and we are doing everything we can to support those impacted in this difficult time. As we look to improve efficiencies and realign resources, we remain focused on supporting our existing games and development of our future titles.”

Ex-Daybreak employees have seen the usual outpouring of support that follows layoffs of this size, with open job offers from other developers oddly enough including NantG Mobile, the company headed by Jace Hall who MMO Fallout readers will recall is currently partnered with Daybreak and actively developing Z1 Battle Royale on PC.

Source: Gamasutra

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