Daybreak Game Company in “Growth” Mode


Laura Naviaux Sturr, chief publishing officer over at Daybreak Game Company, sat down with in order to discuss the developer’s last year, certain hurdles, and how the company is looking forward. Over the past year, Sony Online Entertainment was spun off into its own company under a new name, saw massive layoffs and the closure of several titles, shuttered development on Everquest Next, and saw several high profile names jump ship including John Smedley.

Despite these layoffs, the company is growing and hiring.

“DC Universe Online continues to be strong and we’re bringing it to Xbox this spring. And EverQuest, it’s hard to believe, will turn 17 next week. Both [EQ and EQ2] will have fully fledged expansion packs this fall. And then there’s PlanetSide 2, of course, which we brought to PlayStation last year.”

One aspect of development that Daybreak has embraced over the past year is early access, starting with Everquest Landmark and moving on to zombie survival game H1Z1. H1Z1 was spun off into two separate products and two development teams, with one taking on the survival aspect and the other handling the Hunger Games-styled arena survival mode. The inaugural invitational for H1Z1 was the most viewed event at Twitchcon 2015, throwing in $173,000 in prizes.

Daybreak sees potential in VR, as a source of future premium content and potentially what could bring back subscription-based games. You can read all of Sturr’s thoughts at the link below.


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