Daybreak Laid Off More People

Daybreak Game Company may be currently best known for their string of layoffs, and it appears that the pendulum is coming around again for another swipe.

The folks over at Massively OP noticed that multiple developers on the PC version of H1Z1, known lovingly as Z1 Battle Royale, are no longer with Daybreak and NantG. This includes Z1’s lead game designer who posted about the layoffs just a few hours ago. Massively OP was able to confirm via Twitter that Z1’s combat designer was also laid off, as well as the community representative.

The move comes not even a week after NantG posted an announcement on its Twitter account that they are in planning mode and “discussing many things.”

Neither the Daybreak Game Company or NantG Mobile have made an official statement. Perhaps ironically, Z1 Battle Royale has experienced a notable increase in players following a massive decline over the past year.

Source: MassivelyOP


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