Default Subreddits Going Dark, Protesting Administration


Reddit users are revolting, again, in what seems to be a never ending string of controversy around the community-driven website. The latest smoking gun, the removal of a popular Reddit employee. Victoria Taylor is a name many of you have come into contact with, especially if you’ve attended any of Reddit’s celebrity Ask Me Anything events. Taylor was the Director of Talent at Reddit, managing celebrity AMA’s and ensuring the events ran smoothly.

At least she did, until the /r/IAmA subreddit was taken private with the notice that Taylor had been let go from her position with no notice. In response to the sudden change, numerous subreddits have gone dark, including those listed by default on the Reddit homepage. /r/gaming joins the ranks of other default subreddits going dark in protest, including /r/videos, /r/askreddit, /r/movies, /r/science, /r/books, /r/history, /r/art, /r/gadgets, and of course the first group, /r/IAMA.

The messages on each subreddit is virtually the same:

Due to an unexpected Reddit administrative personnel change /r/gaming joins a group of default subreddits going dark temporarily in an effort to resolve the situation. Our apologies for any disruption this may cause.

The list of subreddits continues to grow, with subscriber bases ranging from a few hundred to several million. How long they plan to stay offline is another topic for another day.

(Source: Reddit)

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