Demonstrable: Small Saga Public Demo

Small Saga is utterly adorable. I found this title while browsing through the latest Kickstarter games and after playing through the demo I really want to talk about it. The good news is that Small Saga has already reached its goal. I won’t be contributing to the campaign because I was burned out on those years ago, but it is definitely going on my watch list for the estimated release in July 2021.

Currently being created by Jeremy Noghani, Small Saga is an RPG that plays like Final Fantasy with an isometric overworld that is reminiscent of the likes of FF Tactics or Tactics Ogre. The main narrative exists underneath London in the underground world of Rodentia. You play as mouse brothers Verm and Lance, who hear about a place called heaven where there is more food than anyone can imagine. Heaven is also inhabited by the gods, but to get there Verm and Lance will have to get past a sewer’s worth of lawless rats and one mean vole.

The demo is short and absolutely fantastic, and not just because it features tiny animals wearing people clothes and doing people things. Combat is turn based and takes a hint of inspiration from games similar to Bravely Default where characters draw from an energy pool that slowly increases each turn. You can unleash your best attacks but then have to wait in order to build up the energy, or you can go ahead with your basic attacks and do less damage.

I recommend you check out the short demo over at You don’t even have to download it.

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